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Gamemasters, welcome to your haven for fresh ideas, tools and products for creating and running your role playing games. Week after week you build your campaign, research rules, create encounters, dole out experience points, develop plots and keep the action going for your group of players. Gamemastering is not an easy task and we all dread the occasional "GM burnout". Well, this site is for you because dxContent provides you with many useful gaming and creativity tools to elevate your game and make your job easer.

What tools will you find here?

D&D 5e Spell Database - This is your fast, searchable D&D 5e spell database.

D&D 5e Random Spell Tables - Generate Srolls and Spellbooks with tables that can account for all the D&D 5e spells.

Pathfinder Monster Index - All of the Pathfinder OGC, d20pfsrd, and some 3rd party monsters organized by alphabetic index with the ability to turn off sources you don't use.

Pathfinder Monster Database - This is your fast, searchable Pathfinder OGC monster database built for d20pfsrd.

Pathfinder Spells Database - This is your fast, searchable Pathfinder spell database.

A Random Generator Library - If one random generator is good, a collection of random generators is even better. A random generator can keep your game fresh - not every NPC should be a healthy stoic male! My goal is to provide gamemasters with an ever growing library of generators from random map generators to random NPC generators and anything in between. Everyone is free to add generators to the library and anybody can use them.

Here's a great article from Kobold Quarterly on why random (encounters) help RPG games.

Random Generator Creator - 'Table Runner' is our free web based editor that allows you to create your own random generators. When finished you can share them or keep them private, you can even embed them into your own campaign web sites if you like. You'll also be happy to know many of the Table Runner commands and functions are TableSmith compatible.

Map Tools - 'Map Runner' is our tile-based map construction web application. It was created with DMs in mind so that you can create maps quickly and easily. The tileset it uses is perfect for man-made areas such as deep dungeons, popular inns and sinister temples. Your creations can be printed, saved and even shared in the public map library if you like.

Library of Editable Maps - Sometimes you don't have time to re-invent the wheel and all you need is a quick temple or inn map. Well, the ever-growing library of maps is a great place to get such down and dirty content... And, if the map is not exactly to your needs, you can pull it into Map tools and tweak it to your needs - even changing the text if you like!

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